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Brief History of PC Youths Project In Uganda


Pc Youths Project was started in 2001 and it’s a Non Profit Youths Association and it was set up to bring technical development to the Youths, orphans, disadvantaged youths, children and adults who cannot afford what we take for granted and also to market Art and Craft items via the Internet through web development using the freeservers to host their webpages.The idea started with the realisation that many youths and adults had needed ICT skills for better employment hence the idea was formulated by Pc world IT board of directors and it is dedicated to working with youths, orphans disadvantaged youths children adults and people with disabilities in the city of Kampala, helping them to benefit from modern technology and the knowledge to use it effectively. We support sustainable education programmes through the provision of computer training, electronic publishing, web development, computer maintaince and repair. The group of individuals working on ICT projects in Uganda under the auspices of information technology for all in collaboration with PC WORLD IT started the project. The project caters for the male, female youths, children, adults and people with disabilities

How we do it

Pc Youths Project endeavours to empower the young people both male and female of Kampala city by equiping them computer skills that will benefit them later in life for future employment. We teach the basic skills of keyboard use and English language, electronic publishing, digital imaging, information technology and global communications that together will give these young people opportunities in life which might otherwise be denied from them due to a lack of facilities. We take second-user computer and we recycle them and they operate on Windows 98,2000,XP. There, we install the equipments in schools, maintain it and provide IT teaching programmes in schools for rural areas.
Working with more than twenty schools, technical training colleges and women training institutions, we currently support programmes in rural areas, Over the past year we have trained more than 30,000 youths many and they have been provided employment opportunities to over young adults to teach IT and to provide in house support for the IT programmes thus improving their income. We have got 10 employers and all of them with qualification in computer science. We have a project manager and his committee, which makes decisions for the project.

For the trainings we charge our clients 20,000 Uganda Shilling (USD 20) for training per computer package and with this charge,many have taken up this opportunity. The fees charged from the project participants are used entirely with the project for computer repairs and maintaince of equipments and other services. We charge this fees for sustainability of the project and to continue to bring other people on board to get ICT skills


Many of the people whom we have trained have become traineers of others and they have passed on the skills to others in their home areas and thus making them job creators,many of them have created Word processing Kisoks,Internet cafes and Information Kisok centers thus employing others and themselves earning income for their betterment

Donating Funds
To make all this happen, Pc Youths project  needs funds. You may choose to send us a small or large amount or, if you are considering becoming more involved and sponsoring  our project, please contact us at   mayega60@yahoo.com However you help, your donation can make the world of difference to the youths in Uganda Please send your donation to correspondence address shown below.

PcYouths  Project, Po,Box 12072 Kampala, Uganda

You can make a donation by cheque, postal order or bank draft made out to Pc Youths. The project s run very efficiently, so each donation can go a long way to benefit others

FAQs: People

Q. There are still many youths in the Uganda  who need computers in their schools  Why not help these children first?

Wherever you look there are people who could benefit from modern technology. There are several youths projects  more elsewhere dedicated to providing ICT basic training for the youths. Currently there are no sufficient used computers available to meet the needs  . Pc Youths project  has chosen to concentrate on the orphans and the disadvantaged youths in Kampala with ICT basic skills

Q. Why do Youths  in Uganda  need computers?

We live in an increasingly interdependent world. What this means is that more and more everyone is reliant on everyone else. It is vitally important to the whole world that a country like Uganda have  the opportunity to keep up in respect of information and communication technology. Computers in schools make it possible for children to learn about the information and communication technologies that will enable them and their country to gain a foothold in the technological revolution.

Q. Won't computers interfere with their culture?

No, not if they are introduced in the right way. Every community that seeks technological development needs computers. We work only with people who have both requested our help and demonstrated they can put it to good use. We believe it would be counter productive and quite wrong to deliberately interfere with communities that are relatively untouched by western culture.

Q. Do the youths  in the  Pc project  receive qualifications at the end of their training

Of course after the training,there is an award of a certificate and this certificate will enable anyone who has taken training with us to get employed

Please remember that  ICT  saves lives for the orphans and disadvantaged youths especially those who would have got involoved in other bad acts
Contact us at Email mayega60@yahoo.com

Pc IT World: Box 12072 Kampala-Uganda